Would you like to volunteer at the Gathering and help our young people grow in faith and encounter Christ? Serving the youth of this church is a vocational calling that requires careful discernment.

There are five volunteer categories: the Gathering Volunteer Corps (GVC), servant companions, local volunteers, MYLE and the tAble volunteers, and Young Adult Gathering volunteers. Responsibilities and commitments vary by category, but every volunteer must agree to a volunteer code of conduct and submit to a background check run by the ELCA.

Serving as a volunteer requires no application fee, but applicants offered a volunteer role will be asked to pay a $50 processing fee to cover the cost of running a background check and ensuring your attendance at the Gathering, MYLE, the tAble or Young Adult Gathering. If this fee prohibits you from serving, please reach out to the Gathering office.

Volunteer responsibilities and application dates vary by category.

Applications are now live!
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2024 ELCA Youth Gathering, MYLE, the tAble and Young Adult Gathering. Our application is now live. Applications will close at various times, to see deadlines and details on each opportunity, read below.
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Key Dates

Gathering Volunteer Corps (GVC)
The Gathering Volunteer Corps serve in multiple capacities throughout the Gathering. Duties might include ushering and assisting during Mass Gathering, helping with Interactive Learning activities, directing foot traffic in the convention center, staffing the info booth or moving equipment in a Gathering venue. GVCs serve wherever Gathering planning teams have identified the need for additional help.

Applications have now closed for GVC. All applicants will be notified soon. We appreciate your patience.

Servant Companions
Servant companions guide congregational groups as they learn, experience or serve alongside the people of New Orleans on their Accompaniment day. Applicants should be comfortable leading a group, thinking on their feet and speaking about their faith. Servant companions will also help during some evening activities.

Servant companions must be at least one year past high school at the time of the Gathering. Preference will be given to young adult applicants; however, all are encouraged to apply.

Applicants must commit to being in New Orleans for one week, likely arriving Sunday, July 14, and departing Saturday, July 20, 2024.

Preference will be given also to those who apply before the priority deadline — Oct. 15, 2023. General applications will close on Jan. 15, 2024.

The Gathering will provide servant companions with:

Local Volunteers
Local volunteers support the ministry of the Gathering in a wide variety of roles. Scheduling for local volunteers often happens later in the cycle and requires some flexibility. If you live in or around New Orleans and want to be involved in the Gathering but can’t commit to a full week of volunteering, sign up to be a local volunteer!

Local volunteers must be past high school at the time of the Gathering.

The Gathering will provide local volunteers with:

MYLE and the tAble Volunteers
Pre-event volunteers support the ministry of MYLE and the tAble in a wide variety of roles. A very limited number of volunteers are accepted for these smaller pre-events. Pre-event volunteers must be at least one year past high school at the time of the Gathering. 

The Gathering will provide pre-event volunteers with:

Young Adult Gathering Volunteers
Volunteers of the Young Adult Gathering will serve as small group leaders. Their work will be split into two different primary areas. They will be the host, facilitator and contact person for 10-15 young adult participants for the duration of the Gathering. They will also serve as a volunteer for various components of the Young Adult Gathering such as large group worship, workshops and evening Community Life. Small group leaders should be spiritually mature, have experience leading their peers, and be committed to the ELCA Young Adult values of anti-racism, queer liberation and anti-ableism.

Young Adult Gathering volunteers must be between the ages of 18 and 35 at the time of the Gathering and commit to being in New Orleans for one week, likely arriving Sunday, July 14, and departing Saturday, July 20, 2024.

ELCA Young Adults will provide volunteers with:
• Per diem or catered meals while onsite in New Orleans.
• Shared lodging accommodations.

If you have questions regarding serving as a volunteer at the Young Adult Gathering, please contact ELCA Young Adult Ministries (youngadults@elca.org).