As part of the Gathering, we lift up offerings in three distinct ways, In-kind offering, Saturday morning offering, and a special offering. Each of these offerings support unique missions and values of the ELCA and the Gathering.

In-Kind Offering

In the aftermath of a storm, hurricane, or tornado, New Orleans residents regularly find themselves without electricity. This quickly becomes a health crisis as people try to manage life in the hot, humid Gulf Coast summers. City leaders and community organizers identified the eight most-requested items to help residents as they wait for the power grid to be restored.

Our goal is to create 3,000 disaster relief kits filled with these items to help New Orleanians get through the days immediately following a natural disaster. It takes about $100 to create an entire disaster relief kit. We encourage you to collect the items for your region or raise funds to complete an entire kit!

Each region is asked to bring a different item to build our kits: 

Region One and Two: Small personal fans (AA battery powered)
Region Three: Charging banks
Region Four: Liquid IV
Region Five: Cooling towels
Region Six: AA batteries
Region Seven: Small first aid kits
Region Eight: Personal wipes
Region Nine: small lanterns (AA battery powered)

If you'd like to purchase items to be shipped directly to New Orleans, consider purchasing from the following Wish Lists.

Saturday Morning Offering

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Special Offering

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